About Great Plains Diesel Technologies

The mission of Great Plains Diesel Technologies, L.L.C., is to significantly improve diesel fuel economy and reduce in-cylinder formation of emissions through programmable fuel injection. Programmable fuel injection, also known as rate shaping, is the fast, infinitely adjustable control over the rate at which diesel fuel is injected into the engine combustion chamber.

Our technology aids in a sharp start and stop to fuel flow from the injector, reducing NOx and PM emissions in a way never before possible. True fuel economy improvement – perhaps up to 50% - is achieved by improving the thermal efficiency of the engine itself using injector rate shaping. The fastest way to stay ahead of the competition is to implement technology that reduces and eliminates the need for costly emissions scrubbing equipment. We can help.

Latest Company News

Engine Testing Begins October 26, 2015

Proof-of-concept continuously-controllable injector runs on engine.

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June 26, 2015 Continuously Varying Injection Shown

Continuously varying injection shown by test.

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